Contact Information

     AdminSure is headquartered in Ontario, California.  Conveniently situated in the heart of Southern California, this location is readily accessible to the major population centers in the region.

AdminSure Inc.
3380 Shelby Street
Ontario, CA 91764-5566

Phone:     (909) 861-0816
Fax:         (909) 860-3995

     All general questions about our services, requests for proposals, or matters pertaining to existing contracts, should be addressed to:

Alithia Vargas-Flores, MBA, SIA, WCCP, WCCA, President
Phone:     (909) 396-5814

     For billing, purchasing, accounting, personnel or other business administration matters, please direct your inquiries to:

Ashley Sells, Business Administrator
Phone:     (909) 718-1200

     If you are an authorized user and have an information systems question, or are unable to log in to the system, please send an
e-mail to for help from a Systems