Ethical Culture

     The relationship between a third party administrator and its clients
is one of the most unique relationships in the business world – one that requires a TPA's uncompromising integrity and diligence.

     Because of the nature of our work, our clients entrust us with some
of their most sensitive matters, including confidential personnel, medical and financial information.  What we do has an impact on their employee relations, public relations and pocketbooks.

     To earn and maintain our clients’ trust, AdminSure adheres to a business philosophy that places great importance upon integrity.  High ethical standards are applied to everything we do.  This includes the requirement that AdminSure employees:

•   Comply with all laws
•   Avoid conflicts of interest
•   Refuse valuable gifts from providers
•   Provide full accountability for all activities and
•   Preserve the confidentiality of sensitive information.

     As a practical matter, ethical conduct cannot be assured simply by publishing written policies and codes.  It must be an integral part of an organization, a deeply ingrained tradition, with people at every level expected to adhere to high standards of business ethics.

     After all, we know our reputation is based, in large measure, upon our integrity and upon our willingness to conduct business in a manner that is both trustworthy and professional.