General & Auto Liability

     Since 1982, we have successfully handled more than fifty thousand General and Auto Liability claims for our clients.  In doing so, we have applied our extensive expertise in the following areas:

•   Insurance Coverage
•   Claim Investigation
•   Excess Reporting
•   Claim Reserving
•   Liability Analysis
•   Claimant Contact
•   Damage Verification
•   Settlement Evaluation
•   Litigation Management
•   Expense Audit/Approval
•   Settlement Negotiation

for a wide variety of risks, including:

•   Auto Liability
•   Trucking Liability
•   Transit Liability
•   General Liability
•   Premises Liability
•   Product Liability
•   Construction Liability
•   School District Liability
•   Utility Services Liability
•   Law Enforcement Liability
•   Municipality Liability

     Upon receipt of a claim, we immediately contact the claimant or their attorney to let them know we will be handling the matter.  In addition, we develop a plan of action that focuses on case resolution.

     At the same time, we begin an investigation into the facts, acting as
a buffer between the parties while gathering the information we need to determine how the claim should be resolved.  If the facts indicate there is adverse liability, we document and verify damages.

     Based on our findings, we make recommendations as to whether claims should be rejected, settled or compromised.  Our knowledge of liability issues and valuation methods means that we are able to resolve claims expeditiously without setting unwanted precedent.

     Our goal is to achieve reasonable outcomes while closing claims as soon as possible.  Meritorious claims are promptly settled.  Questionable claims are rejected or compromised.  Explanations are provided to reduce misunderstandings and unnecessary litigation.

     In the event litigation cannot be avoided, we manage the process proactively to minimize costs and risk exposure, monitoring proceedings and consulting with defense counsel at all stages.

Public Entity Programs

     AdminSure has substantial experience with situations that are peculiar to public entities, such as police vehicle pursuits, false arrest, excessive force, civil rights, inverse condemnation, dangerous conditions of public property, road design, responsibilities to students, etcetera.  We are also familiar with the claim presentation statutes and the various immunities afforded by the Government, Education and Utility Codes.