Quality Control

     AdminSure is a quality oriented company where services are performed to the highest standards.  People, systems, procedures, management – all play a role – and nothing is taken for granted.

     Since our people are at the heart of our quality control efforts, we invest heavily in their training and education.  They are instilled with a service orientation that emphasizes responsiveness and follow through. Reasonable workloads give them time to do the job properly.

     Our information systems include extensive automation features that prevent or catch errors.  Similarly, our operating procedures, refined by decades of experience, include quality control measures that guarantee consistent, accurate, high quality results.

     Because our managers carry no caseloads and oversee no more than five or six technical or professional employees, they are able to function as a backstop and safety net:

•   Covering for absentees
•   Giving direction on cases
•   Supervising work-in-progress
•   Conducting internal audits and
•   Approving high value transactions.

     Periodic reviews of our quality assurance processes ensure that our efforts remain effective.  Internal and third party audits determine what, if any, improvements are needed.