Workers' Compensation

     Work injuries can have a significant impact on an organization, both in terms of claim costs and lost productivity.  AdminSure provides a suite of services that is designed to minimize this impact:

 •   AOE/COE Investigation
 •   Fraud Deterrence
 •   Case Management
 •   Medical Management
 •   Benefit Determination
 •   Coordination of Benefits
 •   Administration of Benefits
 •   Return to Work Programs
 •   Disability Management
 •   Litigation Management
 •   Expense Audit/Approval
 •   Subrogation Recovery

     The fundamental goals of Workers’ Compensation are the healthy recovery of the injured worker, and the timely and accurate delivery of benefits, as prescribed by State law.

     Early in the process, our main focus is to make sure that appropriate medical care is provided.  Our team of claims professionals and medical management specialists carefully coordinate their efforts to see that the injured worker receives timely, effective treatment.

     Once their medical needs have been met, our focus turns to getting the injured worker back on their feet.  We work with them, their medical providers and their employers to facilitate a timely return to work.  After all, lost time from work is costly and disruptive.

     Along the way, we communicate continuously with all parties.  For instance, we take the time to talk to injured workers, to explain benefits to them and to answer any questions they may have.  At the same time, we keep employers in the loop so they are always up to date.

     Last, but not least, we fight abuse of the system.  This not only includes exaggerated or fraudulent claims, but also overcharging by medical care providers and other vendors.

Public Entity Programs

     Public entity programs require special know-how.  AdminSure is familiar with the unique requirements of municipalities, counties, school districts and other governmental agencies.

     For example, sworn safety officers are entitled to one year of full salary under Labor Code Section 4850.  They may also collect benefits for injuries and illnesses that are not ordinarily compensable, such as heart problems.  For all public employees, retirement benefits may be triggered by a work injury.  AdminSure understands these issues and knows how they affect a Workers’ Compensation program.